Terrific Tom

Terrific Tom

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When Tom throws a party you don’t want to miss it! A riotous and rollicking good time for all, whatever Tom does he does at 100. Dance on the tables, kick up your heels and have a damn good time - celebrate everyday for no reason at all, as Tom says - life’s a ball!

Terrific Tom Includes:

1 x Nerds Marshmallow

1 x Choc on Choc Marshmallow 

1 x Wizz Fizz

1 x Chupa Cup Sours

2 x Large Chocolate Bars

1 x Nerds

7 x Fun Sized Chocolates 

3 x Chupa Cupa Face Lollipops

3 x Party Poppers

Tom also includes Trolli Lollies, assorted Chocolates, lollies and is finished off with a clear lid, ribbon, Charlie Buckett sticker and perosnalised note card.


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